•  Fingertip Oximeter PC-60C2


Pulse Oximeter


PC-60C2 Oximeter is easy to detect the SpO2, Pulse Rate (PR), Pulse Intensity. it also can display plethysmograph.


  • It is light ,small in size and easy to carry;
  • Accurately measure SpO2 value and Pulse Rate value;
  • True color OLED display of SpO2, PR , Pulse Bar, & Plethysmogram;
  • Multi-direction display, various display modes (Innovative 4 direction display);
  • Automatic start measuring after putting finger into rubber cushions;
  • Power off automatically without signal for about 8 seconds;
  • More than 30 hours continuous working time with 2 AAA alkaline batteries;
  • Over limit indication
  • Low battery voltage indication.


Fingertip Oximeter PC-60C2

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